Businesses are increasingly referencing elements of residential design to turn offices into a ‘home away from home’ for their employees.

While remote working isn’t an option for many employers, taking a few cues from what makes working from home so appealing for employees is a strategic step in creating a corporate culture that promotes a healthy work/live balance.

The “Homestyle ” Office

The commercial design aesthetic can sometimes feel a bit sterile. Designing an office space that offers a few of the elements can convey the feeling of working from home.

  • Lounge furniture arranged for group meetings or impromptu brainstorming sessions
  • Open-plan design where cubicles are phased out in favor of short privacy walls, and one space flows seamlessly into the next
  • Quirky artwork that appeals to a younger, more relaxed workforce (as opposed to more formal “office-appropriate” artwork)

The key to creating a vibe is recognizing that comfort is
both a physical condition and a state-of-mind: True comfort
exists not just when your body is free of tension, but also
when your mind is at ease.
That’s why comfort zones in the workplace require more than
cushions and ergonomics. It’s also about cultivating an
emotional and social ease that encourages multiple
generations of people to gather and let down their guards,
allowing ideas to flow more freely.

Izzy furniture has the natural wood elements on Peyton’s
exposed shell, tapered leg, and rocker base
bring nature into the workplace and visually
tie everything together—especially when
Peyton seating is gathered around a Forum
Naturals table with its striking live edge.

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