5 Ways to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

Get on top of distracting office noises in the workplace area to increase productivity, create higher job satisfaction, and increase retention rates.

Here’s 5 practical ways to make strides in office noise reduction:

  1. It all starts with careful site selection and construction details. Noise control should be a focus point in the planning and design phase.
  2. Establish dedicated loud and quiet zones. Keep noisy office equipment away in isolated areas, kitchen and breakrooms acoustically separate from work areas.
  3. Customize your office furniture to control noise. Open benching, such as OFS Brands First Office STAKS, offers better natural light and a low partition can accommodate soft upholstery fabrics to absorb noise.
  4. Ceilings can play a role in a noisy office solution. White noise and sound deadening products can be placed in the ceiling to mask ambient sound and distracting conversations.
  5. Indoor plants can absorb significant amounts of unwanted noise. Not only do they improve indoor air quality, they can help people feel more calm and relaxed.
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