AIS introduces Volker Cubes and LB Lounge furniture

The AIS LB Lounge offers soft seating and booth solutions for a variety of work, health, and education environments. With depth and bold visual impact, LB Lounge creates locations with a sense of permanence and space definition. With a range of configurations, LB Lounge accommodates workers’ daily activities from lobby entrance arrival, to collaboration, meal time, and rejuvenation. Integrating effortlessly with other AIS solutions, LB Lounge ensures a unified and comfortable environment.

AIS Volker cubes and nesting table offer users friendly, comfortable seating and meeting solutions for today’s work + learning environments. Whether used for impromptu collaborative spaces, guest seating in workstations, or casual waiting areas, the Volker cube fits many work settings. Its friendly, simple and smart design supports a range of needs while ensuring users have the convenience of mobility to do their best work.


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